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Equifax + FICO

Industry leaders join forces and empower financial institutions to optimize their customer interactions.

Today, an explosion of data makes it difficult to extract meaningful insights and take action in production with applied AI and machine learning. In response to market demands to differentiate with data, predictive analytics and decisioning, FICO and Equifax are introducing the Data Decisions Cloud, an end-to-end suite that addresses data and decisioning needs across risk, marketing, and fraud.

The Data Decisions Cloud Offerings

Data Decisions Connected Platform™

Achieve breakthrough innovation with applied and explainable AI, in a cost effective way. An end-to-end solution spans your data and analytic needs and enables you to: Explore Data, Discover Insights, Build Predictive Models and Take Action in production across the customer lifecycle.

Data Decisions AML Connect™

A cloud solution to easily satisfy your AML and KYC obligations through a combination of FICO’s market leading TONBELLER capabilities and Equifax’s Business Process Outsourcing that enables you to meet the most stringent requirements.

Data Decisions PrescreenCentral™

Create FCRA-compliant prescreen offers from concept through execution and reporting. Cloud solution leverages your credit risk criteria, customer and suppression data to build qualified prescreen prospect lists. Marketing automation creates campaigns and reporting provides data to inform future campaigns.


Next Gen Compliance Management Solution Sheet

The Connected Platform

Next Gen Compliance Management Solution Sheet

AML Connect

Data Decisions PrescreenCentral Solution Sheet


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